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City Forest Credits


City Forest Credits offers two services for the private sector to contribute to local climate action and enrich communities. Through CFC, companies can purchase carbon offsets from urban forest projects or invest in certified tree planting projects. 

CFC knew what they didn’t want their website to do when they approached me, but we had to dig pretty deep during our discovery to understand their target audiences’ needs and goals. It was super rewarding and enabled us to create a well-defined user experience. 


  • Competitive analysis
  • User group development
  • SEO strategy
  • Wireframes + prototypes
  • Copy editing
  • Logo design
  • Web design + development
  • WordPress guide + training


  • Custom WordPress site
  • Built in 2020

Carrie was terrific to work with from start to finish. Clear in her communications, organized and efficient, bringing the best tools to work within our budget, and delivering a great product on time.

sample nonprofit website with responsive design


two distinct service offerings

For one service, impact certification, the website aims to convert users to purchase CFC’s product. For the other, carbon credits, the website only serves to inform (and in fact, legally CFC cannot sell credits). But to the casual visitor, these two services, and the language used describe them, may appear to be quite similar. I used distinct colors to distinguish the two services that I carried through hero images, project cards and profiles, and map markers to help orient the user.

sample web design

optimized for mobile

We incorporated horizontal swiping on infographic and project cards,  and condensed many elements to save vertical space, so visitors can more quickly find what they’re looking for or take a deeper dive on content they’re interested in. 

sample responsive website design
sample responsive website design

growing portfolio of projects

CFC regularly adds impact certification and carbon projects that are displayed on the website in multiple formats. We created two separate databases with custom fields and pulled the data into various elements on the website—on maps, project cards and profiles. 

Impact certification projects have a scoring system based on three focus area and report against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. CFC staff can easily drop data into the backend and it’s formatted and stylized for each project profile.

Carrie helped our team evaluate the audience for our website and pushed us to refine how we describe our services and organize the site to better meet our visitors' needs. I also appreciate how she created an interface that's easy for us to maintain and update. We're extremely satisfied with Carrie's work and have heard from clients how impressed they are with the new website, too.

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