helping a brewery build a cohesive—and loved—brand

The Brewing Lair


The Brewing Lair is a 15-barrel brewery located on 15 acres of beautiful, forested land in the Northern Sierra Nevada. 

I’ve been a graphic designer and marketing consultant for the brewery since it started in 2011. Despite their interest in taking a conventional approach to marketing (Rich didn’t want to put their address online when they first opened since they were “undercover ale works”), co-founders Susan and Rich have become good friends over the years and it’s been fun to help their vision come to life.


  • Brand identity
  • Logo refresh
  • Print collateral
  • Merchandise
  • Web design
  • Copy writing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media implementation
  • Business coaching

Carrie’s helped us build a cohesive brand as we started and grew our business. Her super-power lies in the fact that she is efficient and detail oriented. Even though she's worked with us for years, she's constantly incorporating new, innovative styles in design.

—Susan DeLano, Co-Founder

Carrie saved us from looking less than professional as we opened up our new business. From flyers to emails to swag, she keeps the ball rolling while having fun and working hard.

—Susan Delano, Co-Founder

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