4 digital marketing tips during covid

seattle good business network marketing tips webinar

I gave a webinar to Seattle Good Business Network members on online marketing + communication this morning. The small businesses ranged from B2B to DTC, retail to wholesale + online to brick & mortar. It was tough to come up with useful tips for such a diverse group but here are four I shared:

know who you’re communicating with

Assess your target audiences’ needs, motivations + behaviors to learn where they are and what messages will resonate.

prioritize transparency + communication

Be open with your customers—communicate your challenges (supply chain issues, staffing capacity, etc), how you’re protecting your employees + how you plan to protect your customers as things open up.

dial-in your digital marketing

The pandemic provides an opportunity to try new things or improve existing efforts. Perform a competitive analysis, run a web, email, or social audit, or develop a new nurturing strategy or ad campaign.

measure your efforts

If you haven’t already, set up analytics tools so you can assess what’s working and measure your ROI. If you do already, great—make time to review the data + draw data-informed conclusions to optimize your efforts.

If you work in marketing, would you add or change this list? If you’re a small business owner, hope this list helps 🙂


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